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At home by the coast


Each residence is designed to support your comfort and independence and our trained staff are always on-hand to respond when you need them. Choose from a range of room options to suit your individual lifestyle, all with private ensuites. Your room will offer you a place to relax, have your own space with personal touches and host visitors in privacy. Our private rooms cater for singles and couples, with doors opening onto a light-filled outdoor area to take in the sunshine.

At Racecourse Grange Aged Care our model supports you to remain in the same room and homelike environment regardless of increasing care needs over time. This also allows you to truly feel at home in your own space. Outside of your room throughout Racecourse Grange you will be greeted by natural light and spaces for you to relax, cook, take part in activities and socialise if you wish.

Aged Care Fee Structure

Depending on your financial situation, you may be asked to pay one or more of the following fees to cover your care:

Daily Care Fees
All residents are expected to pay a Daily Care or Contribution to Care Fee. This equates to 85% of the single aged pension and covers your day-to-day living costs, including services such as meals, cleaning and some utilities.

Accommodation payments
These costs apply to your accommodation expenses. The Commonwealth Government will subsidise some residents, whilst others will be required to pay an amount agreed with their aged care residence.


You can choose to pay for your accommodation in one of three ways:

  • A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD - lump sum)
  • Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP - periodic payment)
  • A combination of both the DAP and RAD
Room description Room type Ensuite Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) Combination DAP and RAD (example)
Superior Room Single Private $550,000 $60.88 RAD $440,000 + DAP $12.17
Premium Room Single Private $650,000 $71.95 RAD $520,000 + DAP $14.39
Deluxe Room Single Private $720,000 $79.69 RAD $576,000 + DAP $15.94
Terrace Suite Single Private $800,000 $88.55 RAD $640,000 + DAP $17.71
Superior Terrace Suite Single Private $850,000 $94.08 RAD $680,000 + DAP $18.82
Platinum Suite Single Private $950,000 $105.15 RAD $760,000 + DAP $21.03
Grand Suite Single Private $1,200,000 $132.82 RAD $960,000 + DAP $26.56
Please note that the above amounts are subject to change without notice